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About Us

Lincoln Early Childhood Network

Nurturing Every Child on the Path to Success

Lincoln Early Childhood Network (LECN) Vision Statement
We will be a culturally aware and inclusive community where all young children and their families are healthy, thriving, learning, and connected.

Mission: Nurture every child on the path to success

Values and Beliefs

 We believe in a Supportive Community where:

1. Early childhood and protective factors for healthy brain development are prioritized,

  • Families’ basic needs are met, and

  • Education for parents, families and caregivers is ensured.

2. We believe that System Alignment occurs when the community:

  • Implements policies and practices that support families, parents and caregivers, and

  • Ensures measurable outcomes for maximum impact.

3. We believe in Equitable Opportunities for:

  • Accessible and integrated healthcare and behavioral health services,

  • High-quality, affordable early childhood education, and

  • Families to live in safe neighborhoods with access to health food and physical activities.

LECN Population of Focus: Young children and families residing in Lincoln and Lancaster County

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